Lost at sea

Today’s news has a story of two women sailors and two dogs lost at sea for five months. Mostly it deals with the rescue by the US Navy thousand of miles in the opposite direction (off Japan) from the stated destination (Tahiti). Wihout more information it is the “lost” part that bothers me. GPS, the global positioning system, has made it simple and skill less as a navigator to cross an ocean. If that is your choice it would be prudent to have a couple of spare stand alone units and a carton of batteries stored away in a waterproof box. Even a small jury rigged sail would have given some control over direction.

There has always been risk in crossing oceans in small boats. The skill is to mitigate them. The assumption has to be no one is going to rescue you. Plan for losing your mast or power or both. Oh yea, and in the 21st century satellite based emergency locators have world wide coverage and are registered with who you are and what you are doing. I really liked the part where losing a cellphone over the side first day out was a contributing factor.

More details are surfacing that bring more questions than answers

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