Not lost after all

More details are surfacing that bring more questions than answers. Turns out they were not lost at all. Just did not have the skills required to finish the voyage. This latest report shows they had a working GPS. In fact there were more electronic aids than on many offshore boats. An antenna malfunction was blamed for not being able to use any them. Huh, the three different transmitter systems would each have its own antenna. Part of having a “Ham” radio is having passed an examination on usage. The mast was stll standing. Photos show someone at spreader height so a jury rig could have been deployed.

The story headline should have been incompetent sailors fail in attempt to cross an ocean. This is not a new story and anyone who has spent time ocean voyaging will have at least one story to tell. Mine is of a California couple with a 13 year old son who dragged anchor in every port. Got lost in the tuamotu’s found their way out but lost the boat on Beverage reef . They then spent 54 days in a liferaft towing a dingy and a sailboard. Fetched up on an atoll near Fiji. They also lived to tell the tail.

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